We are proud to offer our customers and companies who have the intuition to follow us a new line of water-soluble, eco-friendly mono and bi-component paints: AQUA-SILVER.

Applicable directly to any surface: chromium, light alloys (zinc, brass, copper, aluminum, etc.), galvanized surfaces, glass, plastic, and ceramics. AQUA-SILVER creates a resistant film that is very pleasant to touch, with a feeling of fullness and smoothness, ideal for finishing precious and design objects.

Particularly intended and appreciated in the bathroom furnishings market (Taps) and fashion accessories.

This water-soluble product is available in various options, including transparent, customer-requested pigmented, matte, and ultra-matte. With its water-based formulation, Aqua-Silver offers a safe and Eco-Friendly solution for improving and preserving all types of surfaces.

Its advantages:

  • Significant reduction of volatile organic compounds with great benefits for the ecology of the internal and external environment of the company

  • The product is non-flammable

  • It does not create hygienic-sanitary problems for operators

  • The product label according to EU regulations does not bear symbols of harmfulness or danger

  • Reduction of insurance costs

Direct application to any metallic, plastic, glassy, and ceramic surface.