We have combined the technological expertise of the most important European resin manufacturers to develop a range of products with superior mechanical and chemical resistance coefficients.

For the strategic merchandise sector of fashion accessories, we have created a line of antioxidant protectants, DEHYDRO-MET, with high resistance and non-yellowing properties, treated with a special corrosion inhibitor specific for the protection of SPECIAL ALLOYS such as brass, zinc, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces.

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We have divided DEHYDRO-MET into 5 product types to treat each metal with the necessary precautions derived from its composition and the requirements of each specific merchandise sector.

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  • DEHYDRO-MET 1965 (Transparent low-temperature alcohol-proof two-component - Approved by top brands)

  • DEHYDRO-MET K9 (Two-component acrylic-polyester transparent - High resistance)

  • DEHYDRO-MET K10 (Two-component matte acrylic-polyester - High resistance)

  • DEHYDRO-MET 1937 (Alkyd-modified transparent with 130° cross-linking - High resistance suitable for outdoor use)

  • DEHYDRO-MET 2290/016 (Epoxy-modified transparent with 160° cross-linking - High resistance)"